BP x SXSW 2015

What is BP x SXSW?

CECI and Design Terminal in cooperation with their key partners organized a presence for 5 Hungary-based startups at the SXSW Interactive 2015, the largest festival for cutting edge technologies and digital creativity between March 12-18. The presence included exhibition and presentation opportunities as well as access to private events and parties. In addition to supporting the companies in order to enhance the visibility of Hungary as a startup hub CECI and Design Terminal organized a panel discussion featuring the leaders of Prezi, Ustream and Bridge Budapest followed by a Happy Hour.



The most important goal of the project is to create value for the participating companies. One of the most important selection criteria is for the applicants to have clear goals in terms of what they want to achieve at the event, whether that be finding investors, partners, customers or advisors. The other important objective in ensuring the presence of these innovative firms at SXSW is enhancing the visibility of Hungary as a technology hub, drawing the attention of international industry leaders and influencers.


BP x SXSW Included

Trade Show
The participating 5 Hungarian companies exhibited at the SXSW Trade Show between Mar 15-16 amongst other international delegations from all over the World.They established valuable connections and got listed on the trade show’s promotional materials. (i.e :

Made in Budapest Panel
In order to draw attention to the emerging startup scene of Budapest we organized a panel discussion with the founder of Prezi, Ustream and Bridge Budapest. The panel idea was selected from more than 3600 submissions and was held at one of the festival’s most central location, at the Hilton hotel.


International Happy Hour
The panel discussion was followed by with a Happy Hour reception featuring special guests such as Peter Parker (Partner at 500 Startups) and Patrick Vlaskovits (NYT Best Seller author, entrepreneur) and a Hungarian DJ artist. We expected 100 attendees and 400 showed up.


Private / Invite only events
SXSW offers of multiple events in parallel, some of them our hidden, niche meetups and parties. Usually serendipity happens there. We provided information and access to some exclusive parties. For example we helped one company to get into Techstars’s invite only party where they could meet one of their main competitors.


We put emphasis on preparing the team prior to the program and to support them on the spot in getting out the most value out of the festival. They received detailed guides and we organized orientation events to get them familiar with their opportunities.




Synetiq Ltd. is a cutting-edge media research company providing content producers with emotional insights directly from their customers’ brain and body. Synetiq’s approach, called crowdsourced neuromarketing, delivers unprecedented insights to understand their customers anywhere in the world in a fast and cost-efficient way. Clients include international ad agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Havas Media, Mito CEE and TV & film production companies.

Notch Interfaces develops high-tech wearable devices that seamlessly integrate with any activity. Their first product is Notch 3d motion tracking sensor. Users place Notch modules on their body & these modules form a wireless sensor network that streams data to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy. Notch system is scalable, the modules are designed to be used anywhere from casual activities to extreme movements without limiting motion and without being visually obtrusive.

Brewie is a fully automated beer brewing machine. The goal of this device is to make homebrewing easier and more convenient. It requires no experience or knowledge about brewing, fits even into a smaller kitchen and needs no human surveillance. Its WiFi connectivity and smartphone application provides control and supervision from anywhere in the world, thus taking no time away from its user. Brewie also has an online recipe database where users can browse or even customize recipes.

SBrick is a Universal Remote Control Platform. It is an embedded hardware which connects Things to the Internet. We envision a world where IoT is more than a marketing tagline, where home appliances communicate with manufacturers and suppliers for enhanced user satisfaction. To demonstrate our ability, we have created a remote controller for LEGO. We are currently shipping out the first 5000 commercial units, to direct customers and resellers around the world.
The next step for us is to reach a global audience and SXSW is a prime opportunity, where we can present our dream of a truly connected world.

Vidzor is a full-service platform to create and distribute interactive videos that engage and convert target audiences across all platforms.


“ Great organization from the Design Terminal team. Amazing opportunity. Awesome people & times. Super meetings. Great contacts.” – SYNETI Q

“ SXSW was definitely an awesome experience for us, as we had the chance to meet plenty of potential clients and business partners from our very niche segment at one of the world’s best festivals. It was also eye-opening to participate at such a wide variety of sessions, and the additional publicity generated through the trade show and the journalists will help us a lot later.” – SYNETI Q

“ Most immediate value-add is the expanded network. We went away from there with a few hot business leads that might yield great business opportunities, but we’ll know more specifically in a few months.” – VIDZOR

“ Thank you Design Terminal, for your support. Our startup has made more progress these few days, than during the past couple of months. We have some amazing business opportunities and we could improve on our product definition thanks to the expert feedback during the festival. We couldn’t have done it without you.” – VENGIT / SBRICK


Design Terminal
Gergely Nagy–Böszörményi
Judit Gottfried
Csongor Biás

Central Eu California Cultural Institute
Éva Homor

culture inc.
Balázs László Karafiáth

Volunteers / Supporters:
Mary Collins
Lannie Moore
JumoDaddy (DJ)
Patrick Vlaskovits

Veronika Pistyur (Bridge Budapest)
Gyula Fehér (Ustream)
Peter Halacsy (Prezi)